This year sees the return to motorcycle travel after a few years break looking after the newest additions to our family. We’ve not been planning this extensively but more intensively as the time frame for the opportunity to go traveling again by motorcycle only really came to head a few weeks ago when I floated the idea to my wife, Arja. At that stage we were about to book in flights to go on our annual family holiday, as most families do over summer when another thought, a second thought came to mind. Other people may have just dismissed it as absurd or too expensive or selfish. But I know that it would meet with neither a cold reception nor be rejected off the cuff. Instead we sat down looked at a map and then started to research the idea of traveling to the arctic over several weekends, returning to work during the week and continuing the following weekend. And so came about the concept of the time poor traveler only traveling over the weekends and working as usual during the week.

Further research and several days later we had a loose itinerary that would make the most of overnight travel by train and ferry and make the important connections by plane to get me back down to Switzerland ready for work on Monday morning. I’d just have to figure out how to iron my shirts on the road.

Switzerland to the Arctic Circle via Denmark and southern Norway

Switzerland to the Arctic Circle via Denmark and southern Norway

Now all that remains is to put the plan into action.


I have to say that this trip is something that I’ve been looking forward to since we first made it to Norway in 2009. At that stage our ambition to ride all the way to Nordkap was cut short by the onset of very cold weather and ice. We instead turned around and headed to Switzerland. Now this new era of motorcycling hearlds a new opportunity, traveling in stages and combining the traveling with family holidays, essentially getting feeding our travel bug piece-meal.