It is with several months of anticipation that we are now set for take off tomorrow, heading for the Arctic Circle 66.6 degrees Nth. Although that said, we haven’t even left the confines of our lower alpine region and it very much feels like the arctic has come down to meet us in early anticipation. With over 20cm of fresh snow in the last 24hours there has been traffic chaos across most of western Europe with hundreds if not thousands of accidents, airport closures, delays to public transport and the like. Hence we are very anxious about catching our flight tomorrow given the forecasts for more snow across a large band of Europe including France and Germany. If we are lucky we’ll be spared the fate of thousands that have already spent countless hours stuck at major airports for their flights to be either postponed or cancelled.

As we search for some good news on the weather front we found the forecast for northern Norway and it was very amusing to see the symbol that the Norwegians use to represent good weather. It is much like a sun, but as the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon showing a full sun would be an oxymoron so instead they show that the weather is fine with a horizontal line and the sun shining beneath the line. I find this very amusing as it is dark 24hrs per day and it implies that the weather further south is fine. See the extracted picture for the Norwegian meteorological bureau.

Keep tuned to this spot as we post updates from our Arctic adventure amongst the reindeers and huskies.

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Pascal & Arja