Following on from some vandalism to Francois in september, I ordered new seat covers, both front and rear from Bagster in France. Here is the pictorial repair job that I did to remove the damaged seat covers and recover/reupholster the seats.

Bagster Part no. BAG2864

Tools used:

  • Bosch Electric staple gun
  • Longnose pliers
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • box of 100 6mm staples

Time: Approx 1 hour + drying time as water seeped through and the foam was wet.

Skill level: Basic

Damaged rear seat, covered holes with duct tape

Tools used for the repair

New rear seat cover

New front seat cover

Removing the staples from the rear seat cover using pliers and flat-head screw driver

Rear seat with old cover removed exposing the foam

Damage inflicted by the vandalism

Removal of the old, damaged front seat cover

After removal the old front cover shows water was being let in and the foam was wet

Both front and rear seats prepared and left to dry

Stretching the new cover over the rear seat into position before stapling

Cover now tacked into place to ensure correct fit and position

Finish stapling the cover - view from underneath

Completed rear seat

Now for the front seat cover. It is a bit tricky because of the non uniform shape and the need to stretch it evenly into position.

New front seat cover stretched and tacked into place

Front view of the front seat with staples holding cover in place to stretch it correctling into position

Top view of the front seat. Note the fabric is straight but not fully stretched over the foam until all staples are fixed.

Lastly both seats completely reupholstered.