With only 12 days to go we’re really feeling the urgency to get a lot done in a very short time frame. Pressure, it’s what we thrive on in industry and it’s what keeps us working so hard but when it’s your personal life and you’ve got a lot riding on it then the dealing with the pressure really is another ball game altogether. Welcome to our last minute update, it has taken nerves of steel and a whole lot of preparation but finally it feels like we on the home straight and ready for departure.

Francois on the Move, gets a hoist in his steal crate and so is the point of no return

It only took 3 weeks of organisation, 2 nights of intense packing onto the steel crate, countless phone calls and 3 trucks (the first two weren’t big enough to lift the crate) but we have finally waved good-bye to Francois and are looking forward to seeing him in one piece at Kuala Lumpur international Airport in 12 days.

With not a minute to spare the critical Carnet (Carnet de Passage en Douaine which is the equivalent of the passport for Francois) for the motorcycle has arrived and we are all set to clear customs both leaving Australia and Arriving in KL (well apart from those last minute surprises that we’re getting used to now).